Translating, proofing, printing, and distributing Quran for new people groups used to take decades. Improved systems, easier travel, and new communication technologies have accelerated these processes. Now that half of the world’s population has mobile devices, when our partners share their Quran translation/tafsir with QuranMajeed app, we can make them available worldwide…within minutes.

And yet, even with these advances, more than a billion people still don’t have a complete Quran translation in their language. In fact, of some 7,000 active languages today, the complete Quran has been translated into fewer than 600.

Our Quran partners are working to change that, and changing the hearts and lives of millions of people in the process.

Imagine a world where every person can instantly engage with the Quran in their own language. In the history of our planet, nothing like this has ever been possible before. Now, not only is this dream possible, it’s actually within our reach.

And you can be a part of it. Click below to learn more about what our Quran partners are doing. Find one whose vision inspires you and commit to support them

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